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wingsrom building about us

Wingsrom was founded in March 2012, as a strategic supplier to the Worldwide Aerospace Industry.

We specialise in machined parts up to 500mm cubed, alongside related products and services. For this, we use the latest high-end tooling technology and utilise lean manufacturing processes in both machining and non-machining.


With multi material expertise, including titanium, aluminium, steel and nickel based alloys, our team has the know-how to engineer with specialist machining equipment. This, when combined with lean thinking and our competitive cost structure, provides our customers with a low risk and highly attractive supply solution.

We are based in the strategic location of Romania, which has enabled high performance at a fair price. Furthermore, the location is easily accessible - conveniently situated in close proximity to both the International Airport and Road Highway.


Our Focus:

With a dedicated team appointed to each project, our focus is to provide your business with a personalised service. The team will work with you and manage all processes- from drawing to delivery. Alongside this, we always strive to create the highest quality products and services. 

Our Aim:

Our aim is to develop long-term relationships with our partners, built through trust and understanding. We are committed to act with compassion, integrity and honesty at all times, alongside respecting others and valuing differences. We believe that by sharing ideas, technologies and talents, we can achieve and sustain profitable growth and achieve outstanding business results.

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Quality Assurance

Our team strives to deliver with excellent quality in every project

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Certified Assurance

We are proud to have obtained a range of certifications

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